Introducing the journal

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The «Revue des études tardo-antiques», founded by the association «Textes pour l’Histoire de l’Antiquité Tardive» (THAT) which sponsors it, aims to be an international scientific reference review in the ambit of  Late Antiquity, its sources and ramifications. It allows the researchers to publish and make their works on ancient texts known (editions, translations, analyses, comparisons), from a historic point of view, regarding both history in its denotative sense and the different disciplinary connotations: history of literature, rhetoric, religions, law, ideas, manuscript tradition, fortune and reception.

 The «Revue des études tardo-antiques» offers authors and readers the guarantee of a high scientific quality. It avails itself of an international scientific committee, which includes personalities in the field of research on late Antiquity, and a permanent reading committee to which, for each article proposed, the most qualified experts are invited to offer their review and contribution.

 The adoption of online publication represents for the «Revue des études tardo-antiques» a decisive turning point towards the future of the scientific community’s activities and offers the threefold advantage of a wide international circulation, easiness of access for researchers and a very short interval between the draft and the publication of the article. In fact, the contributions, after proof-reading and corrections, are immediately loaded on the Internet site. Thus, at the end of every year a review’s issue is ready for use, with its thousandth and layout, which allows to quote precisely each article in bibliographies (with no need to refer to an «URL», hazardous  and unpleasant operation).   

 Since the last decade of 20th century, the late Antiquity has been raising increasing interest in the scientific community (which has somehow echoed in the large public, in particular in the field of religious history): publications and translations of neglected texts have multiplied, associations and research centres are founded in various countries, a great number of international seminars and debates are organized, many research studies are individually or collectively undertaken, which integrate different disciplinary perspectives – such as literary, historic, rhetoric, juridical, technical – each of them contributes, from its own viewpoint, to the study of the whole. The «Revue des études tardo-antiques» wishes to accompany this vast movement, by supporting the paper review «Antiquité Tardive», with which it keeps up collaborative relations.