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Sommaire RET 7 (2017-2018)

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Un ‘nuovo’ testimone di De magia e Florida di Apuleio. Il cod. Sloane 2586 della British Library – p. 1-10. 

Abstract: The MS Sloane 2586 of the British Library (= S1), containing Apuleius’ De magia (Apologia) and Florida, previously known but never studied, is for the first time extensively analysed, especially as to refer its position in the stemma codicum. After a careful collation, we can exclude its derivation from the Vaticanus Urbinas 199 and the Leidensis Oudendorpianus 34 (Dorvillianus), the two MSS which share extrinsic aspects with S1 (I refer essentially to the presence of Latin translations of Greek passages). Vice versa, the Sloane 2586 reveals a strict connection with the MSS of the I class, and even more with the editio princeps by G.A. Bussi (Romae 1469), since Robertson considered as a witness of the best family of MSS. If S1 does not appear of great value for the constitutio textus, we can finally set it in its place in the transmission of De magia and Florida: the place of a Druckapographon.


« De dei iudicio qui episcopum fecit » : les élections épiscopales en Afrique du IIIème au Vème siècle – à paraître.


Tertullien décurion de Carthage ? – à paraître.


Il commentario inedito di Adolf Emper (Ms. Leid. BPG 89, ff. 31-84v) ai discorsi Sulla regalità 3-4 di Dione di Prusa – à paraître.